In which our alien attempts to penetrate the mysteries of Barbiecore
In which our alien visitor reveals a bold attempt from an unseen source to make all living things impervious to decay — if it doesn't kill them first
In which our alien considers the fracturing of human society into mutually contemptuous Tribes of Truth, and proposes a brand new structure to house…
In Which Our Alien Discusses His Encounter with the Latest Disease Traveling the Globe and Wonders to Himself: Is There a Doctor in the Cosmos?
In which our alien marvels at the extraordinary fears unleashed when all 280 characters can be dominated by one
In which our alien witnesses one war, puzzles through many stories and comes to no discernible conclusion
In which our alien stares into the abyss of a potential cataclysm, along with the rest of humanity, and considers the consequences of a long game of…
In which our alien makes contact with the many different frequencies and airwaves that, seen or unseen, facilitate contact amongst the earth's most…
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